Park Policies

Alumni Park & Memorial Union Terrace Rules

Welcome to our neighborhood! Alumni Park and the Memorial Union have teamed up to create these simple rules that cover the “neighborhood” along the Lake Mendota lakeshore.


No Weapons


No Carry-in Alcohol


No Commercial Photography


No Bikes or Skateboarding


No Animals


No Smoking


No Carry-in Food/Drink

Alumni Park Facilities Rules and Guidelines

  • General Rules and Guidelines

    For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, the following items and activities are not allowed in Alumni Park, One Alumni Place, the Rooftop Deck, or Goodspeed Family Pier:

    • Weapons including but not limited to guns, knives and nooses
    • All tobacco products including e-cigarettes
    • Animals excluding service dogs
    • Bicycles (except parked in designated racks), roller blades, scooters, skateboards, Frisbees® and other thrown objects
    • Motorized vehicles or devices (except for authorized vehicles or ADA-recognized mobility devices)
    • Drones (except as permitted by University policy)
    • Large coolers (small personal containers acceptable)
    • Catered or delivered food other than for a permitted event (personal meals are allowed)
    • Carry-in alcohol
    • Cooking or grilling (without permission)
    • Camping
    • Littering
    • Music or amplified sound, including personal amplified devices (without permission)
    • Organized sports, athletics or ballgames
    • Vending, peddling, soliciting or petitioning
    • Commercial or promotional events or activities (without permission)
    • Organized or promoted activities or events (without permission).
    • Commercial or professional photography (without permission). See the Photography Policy and Approval request form.
    • Misusing, damaging or tampering with exhibits.
    • Picking flowers or plants, or walking, sitting, or lying in garden beds.
    • Obstructing sidewalks, entrances or paths
    • Chalking or marking on any area or item.
    • Signs, tables, furniture, tents or structures (without permission). Terrace chairs should not be brought into the park. No stakes of any kind may be driven into the ground in the park or deck.
    • Abusive language directed at staff member(s) or other Alumni Park patron(s).
    • Remaining in Alumni Park facilities (Park, Place, Pier, Deck) outside posted open or event hours.
    • Other items, activities or behaviors that may contribute to an unsafe environment or that otherwise interfere with or disrupt Alumni Park facilities and programs.

    Please Note:

    • Enjoy Exhibits: Park exhibits are in the open and available for interaction. Participants interact at their own risk.
    • Minors: With the exception of UW-Madison students, minors should be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult.
    • Bias or Hate: As a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison community, Alumni Park values a diverse and hospitable learning environment where incidents of bias and hate are not tolerated and should be reported. Report an incident online; information at

    Download PDF Rules Summary.
    See below for more, and the full Patron Code of Conduct (PDF) for details.

  • Alcohol


    No carry-in alcohol (alcohol not purchased through the Wisconsin Union) is allowed in Alumni Park or on the Goodspeed Family Pier.

    During the days and hours the Memorial Union Terrace is open, alcohol purchased at Memorial Union is allowed in designated areas of Alumni Park during Park open hours and on the Pier during Pier open hours.
    Map of where alcohol from the Wisconsin Union is allowed in Alumni Park.

    Alcohol may not be brought into:

    • One Alumni Place
    • Rooftop Deck
    • Pyle Center
    • Pyle Center courtyard

    See the Alumni Park Alcohol Policy for details.

  • Photo/Video Approval

    Photography and Video

    Personal photographs are a great way to remember your visit to Alumni Park, and are welcome and encouraged. No approvals are needed for personal photographs.

    If you would like to use Alumni Park for professional photography (e.g., professional wedding or graduation portraits), or for personal or class projects (e.g., posed photography sessions, a film production), you must obtain approval before capturing images or video on Alumni Park/UW-Madison property.

    We can allow non-commercial entities to proceed with prior approval. You must obtain approval before capturing any images or video on Union/UW-Madison property. Please submit requests at least two business days in advance.

    See the Photography request form for more details.

    Please note: By entering Alumni Park facilities, you consent to having your image captured by official photographers and videographers. The resulting materials may be used by the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association without restriction or financial compensation in news and promotional materials, and on the web or other properties. If you do not agree to having your image captured or recorded, please let Alumni Park staff know or do not enter the venue.

  • Goodspeed Family Pier

    Please limit docking to two hours; no overnight docking. No commercial activity, amplification or
    carry-in alcohol on the Pier. Use of the pier is at your own risk. WFAA is not responsible for personal injury, or damage to or theft of boats or other property.

  • Permitted Events

    Organized uses of Alumni Park, One Alumni Place, the Rooftop Deck, and Goodspeed Family Pier are limited to programs and events presented by or cosponsored by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association, and to eligible university-sponsored advancement events.

  • Staff

    Alumni Park facilities are managed by the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association in partnership with the Wisconsin Union, and staffed in partnership with UW-Madison Campus and Visitor Relations. Staff of any of these organizations may provide patron support and request compliance with these rules in Alumni Park facilities.

    Alumni Park is located on University of Wisconsin-Madison campus lands, and all visitors are expected to follow the rules of UW Chapter 18: Conduct on University Lands which defines a wide range of behaviors on university lands or at campus-sponsored events.

    Patrons who do not comply with Alumni Park and/or university rules may be subject to sanctions including removal from the premises, disciplinary action under applicable university student and employee disciplinary processes, and/or referral to UW-Madison Police Department. Per the shared enforcement zone developed for Alumni Park and the Memorial Union Terrace, any removal of a person from Alumni Park shall also extend to the Memorial Union Terrace, and vice versa.

    See the full Patron Code of Conduct for details.