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Alumni Way

The park's central walkway is marked by five 18-foot long panels, each representing one of the pillars of the Wisconsin idea.

Alumni Way Service

The Wisconsin idea begins with service, and service begins here.

Badgers have a long history of national service.

Photo of Lynsey Addario

Lynsey Addario
BA 1995

"I believe in fate and believe that when it's time to go, I'm going to go. And I would rather have a camera in my hand when it's that time."

Photo of Geraldine Hines

Geraldine Hines
A Justice For All
JD 1971

"My time in Madison amidst the political fervor of the day affirmed my faith in the law as a tool for racial and social justice."

Photo of Murat Kalayoglu

Elzie Higginbottom
Opportunity Builder
BS 1965

"Equity in America is about economics. Some brave folks sat at the lunch counter. ... I bought the lunch counter."

Photo of Murat Kalayoglu

Kiana Beaudin
Health Care Hero
BS 2010 MPA 2015

"Helping individuals change, that's all about finding their motivation and what they want to do."

Photo of Charles Van Hise

Van Hise Rock, a national historic landmark, is located on Wisconsin Highway I36.

Charles Van Hise

University President 1903-18

BS 1879 BS 1880 MS 1882 PhD 1892

"I shall never be content until the beneficent influence of the university reaches every home in the state. "

Photo of John & Tashia Morgridge

John & Tashia Morgridge
JOHN: BBA 1955

"When one considers great research institutes, one thinks of institutes on either coast. In the future, we want them to think of the University of Wisconsin."

Students can use their talents and energies helping others while they're still on campus. Find opportunities at the UW's Morgridge Center for Public Service.

Alumni Way Discovery

Discovery at the UW happens every day.

Discovery begins with research.

Photo of Gabriela Cezar

Gabriela Cezar
Stem Cell Researcher
PhD 2002

"The opportunity to create and innovate is an advantage that I've always loved."

Photo of Luxme Hariaharan

William Campbell
The eye that saw a wonder drug
MS 1954 PHD 1957

"We speak with different tongues, but we are as one in gratitude."

Since researcher James Thomson derived the first human embryonic stem cell in 1998, UW—Madison has been a world leader in exploring ways to use cell discoveries to cure diseases and heal injuries.

Photo of John Bardeen

"Science is a field which grows continuously with ever-expanding frontiers."

John Bardeen

Coinventor of the Transistor

BS 1928 MS 1929

Photo of Joseph Hickey

Joseph Hickey
DDT Researcher
MS 1943

"Conservation means more than preserving a few species of wildlife. It means the wise use of all the natural wealth of a great continent so that other generations of Americans can benefit by its resources and enjoy the same opportunities that we do today."

Photo of Raymond Damadian

Raymond Damadian
Inventor of the Magnetic Resonance Scanner
BS 1956

"I thought, if we could do on a human what we just did on that test tube, maybe we could build a scanner that would go over the body to hunt down cancer. It was kind of preposterous. But I had hope."

Photo of Jim Lovell, Brewster Shaw & Laurel Clark


"UW alumni have risked their lives to push human knowledge beyond the bounds of earth."

JIM LOVELL: Attended 1946—48



Alumni Way Tradition

Badgers are united by a body of
common experiences.

Photo of Moving Day
Photo of the Canetoss
Photo of Bucky doing pushups
September Fall October
Photo of Homecoming
Photo of football tradition
Photo of the Giant Pumpkin Regatta
Photo of Abe statue at Bascom Hill
Photo of students tray sledding down Bascom and Observatory Hills
Photo of Juston Stix
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Photo of Halloween on State Street
Photo of Inspired Goofiness, Statue of Liberty
Photo of Inspired Goofiness being assembled
Photo of The Grateful Red section at the Kohl Center
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U Badger

School Mascot
A.K.A. Bucky


Photo of 1940 Bucky


The early years

Photo of 1940 Bucky


Photo of 1946 Bucky

Thank you to the Alumni Community

Thousands of Alumni and friends of the UW have come together to make Alumni Park

Alumni Way Leadership

Leadership Starts Here:

At the podium, in the lab, on the field, across the campus, and around the world.

Photo of Bell Hooks

Bell Hooks
Cultural Critic
MA 1976

"Critical thinking and radical openness empower us to have empathy and compassion — they create a foundation for community."

Photo of André De Shields

André De Shields
Broadway Deity
BA 1970

"Time is longer than anything; live your life accordingly."

Photo of Linda Thomas-Greenfield

Linda Thomas-Greenfield
The Ambassador
MA 1975

I had hopes and dreams of my mother, who taught me at a very early age that I could face any challenge or adversity put in my path by being compassionate and being kind."

Photo of Jesús Salas

Jesús Salas
MA 1985

"Farmworkers demand recognition and enforcement of wisconsin's progressive legislation."

Photo of John Muir

John Muir

Ecologist, Father of the
U.S. National Park Service

Attended 1860-63

"The power of imagination
makes us infinite."

Badgers have led in government at the state, national, and international levels.

Photo of Tony Evers
Photo of Tammy Baldwin
Photo of Lawrence Eagleburger
Photo of Russ Feingold
Photo of Lee Dreyfus
Photo of Doris Meissner
Photo of Jim Doyle
Photo of Lynne Cheney
Photo of Charles Robb
Photo of Pat Lucey
Photo of Yeshey Zimba
Photo of Tommy Thompson
Photo of David Obey
Photo of Shirley Abrahamson
Photo of Marcy Kaptur
Photo of Iajuddin Ahmed
Photo of Sergio Fajardo
Photo of Tom Loftus
Photo of Herb Kohl
Photo of Jim Sensenbrenner
Photo of Kathryn Clarenbach

kathryn Clarenbach

A leader in the feminist movement

BA 1941 MA 1942 PhD 1946

"The whole nation suffers from the failure to make use of one half of its brainpower and ability."

Photo of Robert Lafollette

Robert La Follette

Governor, U.S. Senator, Progressive Party Founder

BS 1879

"Free men of every generation must combat renewed efforts of organized force and greed to destroy liberty."

Alumni Way Progress

We will cheer at Camp Randall, climb Bascom Hill in the winter, and pursue meaningful work. We will use our education, our experience, our spirit to build a brighter future.

We will make a real difference in the world ... will you?

Photo of Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman
Freedom's Martyr
Attended 1961

"A people must have dignity and identity."

Photo of Allee Willis

Allee Willis
Multimedia Raconteur
BA 1969

"There is no such thing as failure. Use everything as a lesson."

The UW is preparing alumni to make a global impact through leadership in language training.

forward under 40 award

Each year, thousands of Badgers graduate and leave Madison and then use what they learned on campus to improve the world. The annual Forward Under 40 Award honors alumni under age 40 who are living out the Wisconsin Idea. These are just a few of the honorees, Badgers who carry the benefits of a UW education around the world.

Photo of Jake Wood
Photo of Jarius King
Photo of Caroline Savage
Photo of Ayse Gurses
Photo of Maggi Rodgers
Photo of Justine Nagan
Photo of Ben Relles
Photo of Jessica Sack
Photo of Jensine Larsen
Photo of Jay Blasi
Photo of Laura Klunder
Photo of Casey Rotter
Photo of Don Fraynd
Photo of Melissa Holds the Enemy
Photo of Eric Neufeld

Do you know any UW–Madison alumni whose accomplishments are so extraordinary that they deserve broad recognition? Nominate them for a 2023 Alumni Award.

Photo of Woolworth Beck
Photo of Tamara Grigsby
Photo of Rustem Ismagilov
Photo of Heidi Allstop
Photo of Anil Rathi
Photo of Jonny Hunter
Photo of Jill Carey
Photo of Virgil Abloh
Photo of Gabriel Stulman
Photo of Resnick Hardin
Photo of Natasha Ali
Photo of Tom Koch
Photo of Serena Pollack
Photo of Demondrae Thurman

The progressive spirit is at the heart of the Wisconsin idea.