One Alumni Place

Current Hours

Tuesday-Friday: 11 a.m.– 5 p.m.

Saturday-Monday: Closed

Hours are subject to change due to events (see below)

An alumni and visitor welcome center

Alumni Park is a three-part entity: the park, the pier, and the place. The park is Alumni Park itself: the 1.3-acre green space. The pier is the Goodspeed Family Pier. And the place is One Alumni Place: the reimagined Below Alumni Center, which will now serve as a visitor and information center for alumni and others when they return to campus.

One Alumni Place reverses the “front” of the Below Alumni Center, which no longer looks east onto Lake Street, but now faces west into Alumni Park. It will offer event space as well as a collection of books and artifacts that highlight the alumni experience.

The facility will also offer reception and visitor services, giving alumni a spot where they can touch down on their arrival at the UW, learn about what’s going on around campus, and meet their fellow grads over a cup of coffee or a seat by the fireplace. Its most prominent exterior feature is the rooftop deck, an outdoor gathering space with spectacular views of the park and the lake and, of course, sunsets.

Special Hours

From time to time One Alumni Place will adjust its public hours to accommodate private events or changes to the regular schedule to accommodate special events.

March 23-31Closed for UW-Madison Spring Break

*When One Alumni Place is closed, alumni are still welcome to stop by the Wisconsin Alumni Association weekdays 8–5 p.m. via our business entrance, 650 N. Lake St.